Sudoku Refactoring Kata

Following Jay and Llewellyn on their sudoku refactoring, I have forked the sudoku repo and added the java version. As usual, I will post the snippets I found useful in doing the refactoring


  • Extract Method
  • Extract anonymous class to named class
  • Delete Comments
  • convert parameters to object
  • move the inner class to upper level
  • specify type explicitly
  • transform out parameters to object
  • move types to matching files
  • inline variable
  • extract variable
  • move line above
  • move method to a different class
  • replace static with non-static
  • split variable declaration assignment
  • move method to the constructor
  • isolate field assignment
  • remove unused directives
  • extract constant
  • extract class from a field
  • return value early
  • remove redundant else
  • surround with block
  • asas
  • asas


Jay and Llewellyn Series on Sudoku Refactoring

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